Renco and Terry Fraser have done work for my mom and me for over 15 years, since he installed a roof at my mother’s house. He did such a good job on her older home that we’ve had him back almost every year (between her house and mine). This last summer, he got rid of the leak that’s been flooding our basement by digging up around our house and waterproofing the below grade walls and improving the drainage.

Renco does quality work and uses quality materials that last—we’ve never had any problems with the jobs they did for us. His crew cleans up after themselves as they go along. I could probably find a cheaper crew, but I doubt the work would be done as well or last as long. I also like that he gives a written estimate at the start of the job—so far the price has never been higher than the quote! I keep hiring Renco because I’m happy with their work; we have two older homes that need a lot of specialized upkeep and they know what to do.

Mrs. N.L.