Even though the basement may seem like a dungeon sometimes, and doesn’t always smell that great, it is an extremely important part of your home. It can be easy to think you should just throw all of your extra stuff down there, forget about it and move along, but it is important to know that you need to take care of the area below your home.

If you are wondering if you should waterproof your basement, here are three reasons why you need to get it done.


Sources of Basement Water Leaks

Reason #1: Prevent Your Basement From Flooding

If flooding happens, this is the first place the water is going to go. Because it is below ground, it is much easier for water to seep in through the walls than it is anywhere else. Having all of the water get in is going to do a lot of structural damage, and could lead to a lot bigger problems. Just get the waterproofing done while you can. Better to be safe than sorry.

Reason #2: You don’t want mold in your basement

Mold is going to thrive anywhere that is dark, musty, and moist. Sound like somewhere that you know? If the first thing you thought of was your basement, then bingo. If you don’t get professional waterproofing done, then the environment is going to be ripe for the growth of mold. This could lead to air quality problems, structural damage, or a plethora of other problems. Not to mention that it looks nasty. If you stop the moisture from getting in, then you can stop the problem before it starts.


Reason #3: Your house foundation may shifting

You know how the Earth is spinning through space at incredible speeds, but we don’t notice because it is so big? Well same goes for your house. It makes miniature shifts that you(hopefully) can’t notice because it is so big. This is due to the ground around it. This could lead to cracks and other damage over time that allow for leaks and other water to get into your basement. By waterproofing you can help guard against these problems, and assure that no further damage is done to your home.

What if you are purchasing a home with water damage?

Homes are always at risk of water damage. If you are purchasing a new home it’s critical that you inspect the risk and impact of existing water damage. Our friends at the Inspection Support Network put together a comprehensive guide on What you Need to Know About Water Damage Before You Buy a Home. The guide includes everything you need to know to understand water damage issues before purchase.