Landscaping around your house foundation is important to get right. You need to ensure water drains away from your foundation and moisture does not buildup.

At Renco, we work with homeowners to choose the best landscaping design for their home after a basement waterproofing repair.

Here are 5 examples of around the foundation landscaping we have recently done.

1) Low Maintenance Mulch Landscaping

After waterproofing the basement foundation, this homeowner chose a low maintenance landscaping design that provides proper drainage.


2) Graded Slope and Grass:

The packed soil and graded slope ensure proper drainage while maintaining a clean design with grass up to the foundation wall.

3) Graded Slope With River Rock:

After a major basement waterproofing repair, this homeowner chose a clean river rock foundation landscaping design.


4) Flower Bed and River Rock:

After the foundation repair, this homeowner chose a combination of river rock and flower beds to landscape foundation.

4) Stone Barrier Landscape Design

A classic foundation landscaping design that is low maintenance and protects home from moisture build-up