Costs range from a few hundred dollars up to $50,000 plus, depending on the severity of the crack and the quality of your home’s foundation.

There are four price ranges for foundation crack repairs.

Range One: Foundation Inspection (Free – $300)

Range Two: Non-structural crack repair ($950 – $27000)

Range Three: Structural Crack Repair ($1200 – $50000+)

Range Four: Exterior Excavation ($15000 +)

1) Range One: Foundation Inspection

Cost: Free – $300

This price and service range involves an inspection from a professional foundation expert. The output is a “leave and monitor” solution and provides homeowners with peace of mind that the foundation crack has been professionally inspected.

Sometimes cracks in your foundation occur naturally, and you can leave them alone. This type of crack often parges on the outside of your home’s foundation and will not pose a structural threat. At the same time, other cracks occur in basement floors and walls when the concrete dries and cracks. This can be seen in new home construction in Ottawa.

Renco Tip: Foundation cracks can take many forms, including – cinder block step cracks, vertical concrete cracks, horizontal cracks, and diagonal cracks. Inspect your foundation each year to make sure it’s crack-free.

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Range Two: Non-Structural Crack Repair

Price: $950 – $2650

The most common type of foundation crack repair is interior epoxy injections. This solution involves sealing up foundation cracks with epoxy and polyurethane crack injections. The method is both reliable and cost-effective if done professionally. However, when original issues are not diagnosed properly, epoxy injection repairs, a low-quality epoxy is used, or repair is made incorrectly.

Renco Tip: Non-structural foundation cracks are very common in Ottawa due to large moisture and thermal ranges between winter and spring.

Non Structural Crack Repair

Range Three: Structural Crack Repair

Price: $1200 – $5000

Structural foundation cracks pose a serious threat to the structural integrity of homes.  The repair method involves a combination of carbon fiber countersunk staples and epoxy injections, depending on the severity of the crack. 

In Ottawa, structural foundation cracks are very common due to wide temperature fluctuations, hydrostatic pressure, and the natural movement of soil.

Renco Tip: A sure sign of a structural deficiency is horizontal cracks and cracks wider than a 1/4 inch.


Range Four: Exterior Foundation Crack Repair

Price: Starting at $15000

Exterior foundation crack repair is required due to water, root, and backfill issues around your home’s foundation, preventing interior fixes. The Renco repair process involves excavating a part of your home foundation, repairing cracks with carbon fiber staples, and hydraulic cement, and applying a waterproof coating membrane over the top.

After exterior foundation repair is complete, drainage tiles, crushed stone backfill, air-gap membranes, and proper grading are done to ensure water moves away from your home.

Renco Tip: Foundation weeping title drains can get clogged, causing foundation cracks and water issues.  If you suspect an issue get a weeping tile inspection which can save your foundation from future issues.

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