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Ottawa Basement Waterproofing and Leak Repair

Helping Ottawa homeowners keep basements leak-free and dry since 2002.
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Ottawa Water Leak Damage Repair Services

Renco specializes in basement foundation waterproofing and leak repair. All of your activities come with a transferable lifetime warranty and you deal directly with owner, and waterproofing expert Terry Fraser.

If you are considering a basement repair, add us to your contractor shortlist.

  • Exterior basement waterproofing

  • Interior basement leak repair

  • Flooding / Leaks / Water Damage

  • Removal and treatment of mould/mildew

  • Basement foundation crack repair

  • BlueSkin waterproofing membrane installation

  • Sump pump installation and repair

  • Backwater valve installation

Ottawa Basement Waterproofing Projects

Since 2002, we have been helping Ottawa homeowners keep their basements dry and warm. We provide lifetime transferable warranties, clear timelines and competitive prices with no hidden costs.

Renco Basement Waterproofing Reviews

We take pride in every job, no matter how small or large. Our customer reviews, feedback and repeat work reflect this.

Jane Foti

Owner Terry was very patient and explained the entire process to waterproof the foundation of our historic 90yr old house which begun leaking in spring after the winter thaw.

Sandy Gordon

Terry and his team, Luc and Blair, were great. I had them repair some cracks in my foundation, replace some bricks and parging. They are hard workers and take pride in their jobs.

Tim M.

The work was done promptly, mess was kept to a minimum and we were kept informed of progress. Terry returned calls right away and went out of his way to make sure our foundation job was well completed. A very well-run organization.

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Photo: Renco Owner, Terry Fraser


All repairs backed by transferrable warranty.

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Our Step-by-Step Waterproofing Process

Renco Home Improvements follows a proven step-by-step basement waterproofing process backed by a written lifetime warranty.


Step 1: Foundation Excavation:

The foundation waterproofing process starts with the excavation of the soil surrounding your foundation all the way to the footing. We then examine the existing drainage system and the condition of the foundation wall and footing, and power-wash the foundation in order to properly examine it for damage.

Step 2: Foundation Crack Repair:

This step may vary, depending on whether or not your foundation actually needs repairs. If our excavation and washing of your foundation has found any damage, we will repair it.

Step 3: Adding Footing Bevel:

The seam where the foundation meets the footing is the most vulnerable part of your foundation that will typically allow water to seep through into your basement. Adding a concrete bevel around the footing will help to seal it up and prevent water from leaking through.

Step 4: Blueskin Waterproof Membrane Installation:

Blueskin is a membrane consisting of rubberized asphalt and polyethylene. It provides a reliable physical barrier that is waterproof, tough and flexible, stretching with your foundation as new cracks appear and providing consistent protection. It is installed on top of a primer material that provides an adhesive surface that lends some amount of dampness protection in itself. Note that the Blueskin membrane provides waterproofing protection and not simply damp-proofing.

Step 5: Protective Air Gap Membrane Installation:

The air gap membrane is a physical first defense against water which also protects the Blueskin membrane. Air gap membrane is a tough high-density polyethylene sheet that keeps water out. The dimpled structure of the membrane allows any water that slipped past it to drain away and not get trapped between the two membranes.

Step 6: New Drainage Tile Installation:

The following two steps in our basement waterproofing process are particularly important, and they involve proper drainage installation and grading. As the Blueskin and air gap membranes do their job of barring water from entering your foundation, they need to be supplemented by a system that drains that water away.

Whatever drainage system you are connected to, be it a city storm drain, a French drain on your property or a sump pit in your basement, we need to install new drainage tile to reach it. In doing this, we lay down a new bed of gravel at your foundation’s footing, and install new window wells and drains if necessary. The new drainage tile is then covered with gravel so that water can easily drain through it.

Step 7: Proper Grading:

Ensuring proper grading is the final crucial step in the whole waterproofing process. After the foundation waterproofing steps are done, we fill up the excavation around the foundation and create a grade or slope around the house to cause water to flow away from it. It may sound simple, but keeping water from getting to the foundation in the first place is the key to ensuring your basement stays dry.

Step 8: Leaving Your Property as We Found It (or Better):

Our service doesn’t stop at providing you with reliable foundation repair and waterproofing. Unlike many foundation repair companies we don’t leave your property without restoring it to its original condition or even better. We have expert landscapers that will come in to clean up, lay down sod and remove any unnecessary waste leaving your property looking the same as it did before, if not better!

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