Garage remodeling is a highly beneficial renovation project. It can be done two ways, either sloppily and quickly or professionally and beautifully.

If you are looking to achieve extra living space, a garage renovation may be the answer to your home expansion needs. Many of our clients come to us because they could barely get their vehicle in the garage because of all the junk sitting idly around in the garage.

A well-executed garage renovation is important in maintaining the value of your home and can raise the value of your home significantly. Some garage renovation projects only involve the replacement of cabinetry and installation of workspaces while other jobs require an elaborate transformation of the garage space.

Each layout configuration developed by Renco Home Improvements is designed after we have thoroughly discussed the goals and interests of our clients. At Renco Home Improvements we give guaranteed quotes and deliver good results as stipulated by contract.

Say goodbye to that dark and dank garage that is permeated with the smell of oil and gasoline. Visit our website to learn more about Renco Home Improvements services or to speak to our team of renovation specialists to schedule your garage renovation project today. 613-859-2228.