When budgeting for your next home renovation project, it’s important to know what contractors will include in their estimates – and what they don’t. This helpful list will ensure nothing is missed.

For example, construction drawings, City of Ottawa building permits and electrical inspections can sometimes be left out of a renovation budget. This can add both time and costs to your project.

But with some knowledge about the total cost of home renovation quotes you can understand what to expect from contractor estimates.  

Our summary of the top 7 costs for home renovations budget below will help you get started on getting estimates for your next project:

1)  Renovation Construction Drawings

To start any major home renovation job you need to know exactly what to do –  especially when making structural changes to a house. When you hire a contractor, all necessary construction drawings should be included in the estimate.

After all, the role of a good contractor is to help you visualize the renovation and identify any risk elements that may occur during the project. At Renco, we take this to heart and include all costs related to the renovation design and construction drawings within the project estimate. No Surprises.

   2) Project Management And Labour Costs

One benefit of hiring a contractor vs. doing a renovation yourself is the management of various tradespeople and their labour costs. This includes the time to manage independent electrical, gas and HVAC technicians for larger more extensive renovations.

The cost of the project management and labour should always be included in your renovation project budget. Plus it’s always important to read reviews of the hiring contractor to make sure your project will be managed effectively. There is nothing worse than having someone start your renovation then stop for days or weeks at a time.

At Renco, we have built our business on a solid reputation for our project management. This means we actively manage the team, material deliveries and project timeline we give you. Our customers often mention this in our reviews. Take a look

3) Demolition and Recycling

One major piece of a home renovation is demolition. This step involves breaking down and removal existing building materials. And depending on what is going to be removed there may be additional demolition or recycling costs.

Examples could be ripping out laminate flooring, removing external siding or gutting a wet basement. The total cost of the garbage bin rentals and recycling fees for these projects should always be included in your original estimate.

4) Rough Construction Materials

Construction materials are a small cost that can quickly add up. These include nails, caulking, plywood, cement and plaster used during renovation projects.  

All good contractors should supply their team with this material and build this cost into the project estimate you receive. At Renco, we take care of everything and ensure our team is fully stocked onsite to complete your project without delay.

5) Finishing Materials

The finishing materials like counters, flooring, fixtures, windows and vanities are where a $15,000 bathroom renovation can quickly double. It all depends on the quality of the finished materials you choose.

At Renco, we help clients understand these finished materials choices and costs during the pre-stage process of their project. This includes providing samples and helping customers understand the value between different material choices, colors and styles.

6) Building Renovation Permits

Did you know that before making major structural changes to your house you need to apply for permits to the City of Ottawa and get approval?  If permits are not obtained you can face long project delays.

At Renco, we work with engineers, architects and draftsmen to help ensure the build permit process goes smoothly. Plus our experience in processing hundreds of permits through the City of Ottawa means we know how to deal with paperwork without delay. The same is true for buried utility locates and required inspections during a project. The cost for all of these efforts will be included in your project estimate.

7) Clean-up and Renovation Warranty:

After you invest in a home renovation you want to be sure the finished project looks great and will last for years. This means all furniture and structures that were moved during the reno are back in place – and a final walkthrough is done with the contractor to review the details of the project.

It is also important to ask your contractor about the renovation warranty. What if you discover leaks, cracks in flooring or lighting fixtures that stop working? Will the repair for these items be covered?

At Renco, we make sure all customers are 100% satisfied during your final inspection with owner Terry Fraser when the project is complete. This ensures all expectations are met and you can enjoy your new kitchen, bathroom or basement right away.

Plus every renovation project is covered by the Renco Guarantee, which covers all workmanship and materials for your renovation for 10 years.  And this is a transferable guarantee – so if you sell your house the warranty remains for the new owners because we always stand behind our work.

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