What most people think of when adding value to their homes is sprucing up the inside or perhaps the outward appearance of the home such as paint or siding. What don’t spring to mind immediately are the different landscaping options that can really make a home’s value skyrocket. A well laid-out lawn in front or even behind your home can really catch people’s eyes, and add real dollar value into your home’s price listing or just make you feel better about it in general. Here are some of our landscaping project ideas that add value to your home.

  • A fountain

We have installed numerous fountains throughout the Ottawa area over the years, and all of our customers rave about them. They just look beautiful, and not many people have them. It adds a touch of class, and an aura of romance to the front or back of your home. Either way it makes for some great photo ops, and a whole lot of extra value.

  • A stone walkway

We have built plenty of stone walkways over the years – either leading from the yard to the front door, or from the backdoor to somewhere else in the backyard – and people have loved them. They really do add in a sense of class and storybook feel that can’t be achieved otherwise. Although it could be possible to do this yourself, you really should have the pros do it for you so that we can make sure that everything is done right.

  • Raised bed gardens

A raised bed garden is a great way to make your home look great. Not only are they excellent for planting because they keep the integrity of the soil by not walking on it, suppress weed growth, and extend the planting season, but they also make a home look unique and beautiful. When you have a few classy-looking raised wooden beds, it gives the home a more classic/country vibe, and can give it that edge it needs to stick out in the neighbourhood.

It is important to know that improving the look of your home extends far beyond the interior and the structure. Here at Renco, we are dedicated to making your home look as beautiful as possible – and this extends to your front lawn, and beyond. If landscaping sounds like something you might be interested in, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We have years of experience in turning people’s yards into beautifully landscapes lawns.