Ottawa basements are prone to foundation cracks. The cold winters and humid summers damage foundations over time. New home builds can develop foundation cracks too.

The most common repair for foundation cracks is polyurethane foam OR epoxy injections. These methods use a viscous paste to seal and waterproof the crack.

How much do epoxy foundation crack injections cost?

DIY Foundation Crack Repair Kit

DIY Foundation Crack Repair Kit

Costs for foundation crack injections have two ranges: DIY Kits and professional injections services. The DIY kits start at $75 for one cartridge tube while professional crack injections start at $350, backed by a lifetime warranty.

The difference in price is small compared to the risk of DIY injections gone wrong. If the crack has a largely hidden cavity or existing water leakage, DIY kits can cause damage. Getting a professional opinion and transferrable warranty on repair is always a smart move for homeowners.

What is the difference between Epoxy and Polyurethane crack injections?

Two-part epoxy injection

Low-pressure epoxy injection

Epoxy injections can only be done at low pressure (20 – 40 psi) while Polyurethane foam injections can be done at low or high pressure (1500-3200psi).

The high-pressure method is only done by foundation professionals to repair actively leaking OR moving foundation cracks using an electric injection pump. The low-pressure epoxy injections can be done by homeowners OR professionals using a standard caulking gun and epoxy cartridges.

How to inject epoxy into foundation cracks?

At Renco, we use three process to repair cracks using epoxy injections:

  • Step 1: Drill Injection Ports

The first step is to drill ½ inch deep holes spaced 8 – 10 inches apart down the entire length of the foundation crack. Install injection ports into those holes.

  • Step 2: Cover Crack Between Ports with Epoxy Paste

To prevent the epoxy injection from running out we cover the foundation crack between ports with an epoxy paste

  • Step 3: Epoxy Injection(s)

Activate the epoxy and inject into ports. We use a dual cartridge professional-grade high-viscosity epoxy that gets activated during injection.  After the first injection we wait 20min while the material begins to expand fill the entire cavity of the crack. If needed, we do a second injection.