Who doesn’t love a pond in the garden? It instantly becomes a focal point of interest. Kids love watching the water move, and you will quickly find that a spot near the pond will be your new meditative spot in the garden. Tea and a seat near a beautiful body of water – it doesn’t get much better, does it?

But wait. Before you indulge in your pond fantasy, we should deal with some practical concerns. Our landscaping service installs ponds, but you should consider what you really want from this pond before we get started.

  1. Where do you want it in the yard? Consider the landscaping already in place and plant placement. Will you have to remove or add plants to achieve the full effect?
  2. Do you want fish in your pond? Koi are some of the most mesmerizing garden additions in existence, but they are a pet, and they do need care. You are going to need a fairly large pond to support Koi and you should also consider if there are predators native to your area. Lilies and other plant life can help your Koi hide. You will also have to maintain water quality through a filter/pump system.
  3. Do you want a fountain or waterfall in your pond?
  4. Do you want a water garden? Many plants thrive in ponds. Research the types of plants that you like before you install your pond, so you have an idea about how much space you will need and which section of your yard the plants will fit in best.
  5. Do you have small children or curious animals? Like a pool, you are going to need to consider how you are going to keep your loved ones safe.

For more technical questions about drainage, pumps, pond liners, and pond size give us a call. We’re always excited to help make a dream come true.