Floor installation requires more planning and work than you think. While many homeowners like the idea of DIY work, chances are you may not do the job correctly. Without proper professional experience or training you simply won’t have the skills and expertise to properly install flooring.

As a result, your floor may end up looking uneven, crooked, scratched, and even discoloured if it’s not installed properly.

Professional floor installation is much more than just covering the ground in your house. You’ll need to think about factors like levelling surfaces, cutting tiles, measurements and so much more.

If you decide to install your own floor, some of the things you may face include:

  • Having to pay for all the tools and equipment you’ll use during the installation process which may become redundant later on if you don’t have any other flooring projects to do.
  • If tiles are not installed properly you may have to redo the whole surface again — resulting in expensive re-installation and material costs.
  • Uneven floor surfaces could be the result of poor underfloor levelling, meaning that certain tiles can come undone over time to make the whole floor look shabby.
  • Poor measurements and calculations will result in visible imperfections on the flooring making the whole space look poorly done.

While professional installers will charge for their services, it’s nothing when you think of the money you’ll end up paying to do, and re-do, poorly installed floors.

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