Ensure your home has good insulation is absolutely necessary these days. When it is done properly, it increases your comfort, decreases spending on energy bills, and can help the environment. Without it, you could find yourself leaking precious energy outside – and leaking money from your bank account. So let’s talk about some reasons why your home needs good insulation.


Having the ability to heat or cool your house to the temperature that you want is a luxury that most of us are used to these days. It is indispensable to the comfort of our families. When your home is properly insulated, you have greater protection from the elements, and more control over the temperature that you want inside.

Energy bill savings

The average household spends thousands of dollars each year on utilities, and most of it comes from heating and cooling. Having the right kind of insulation will greatly reduce your energy bills because the home will be able to keep the energy inside, and not leak it out. That means less work for the system to maintain the temperature, less stopping and starting, and overall less money coming out of your bank each month.

Environmental impact

Going green is something that we all need to work together on. The old days of wasting energy away need to be over soon. When you have proper insulation, you won’t use as much energy. This will drastically reduce your carbon footprint and the amount of chemicals released in the air from your system. So not only does it benefit you, but it benefits everybody.

Having a professional home remodeling service take care of your home insulation needs is a great way to reduce your bills, help the environment, and increase your home’s comfort. Renco Home Improvements is dedicated to providing the very best in insulation and other home improvement services. Contact us today to find out how we can help you turn your house into the home of your dreams.